the satanic symbiosis!

the most important ingredient in the dying of a catastrophic ape .....
he needs just an oel central heating plant
installed >

this just from one of those state inspectors certified !
and good conscience he can have with out end ....

in his climate tipping > because the state says that in all his authority !

he only needs a new car ! > since every one will be telling you > they are environmentally friendly !
and refueling regularly >
then we have not only > the resoures > the consumption of the new car to be build
but also the same fossil fuel consumption as with the old car ...
and we also have the vanity .... such a value to society to be !

irreplaceable even ...

or alcohol can make you die much longer> because you then will be too stupid > to do your own thinking !
and the death of your own mind > the most important prerequisite for a long ... dying !

Of course the art > the artificial > the best medium for diversion of these masses of stupidity
whether simply CBS television > or theater or otherwise any > of the many sounds !

the vanity and distraction created > from the gruesome reality
create the atmosphere > to destroy a whole world !

solutions on the other hand .... are absolutely taboo > decent relationships are banned
as with an humanity > no climate tipping > no resources wars get started on
and no enslaving a whole world population !

galactic design 

not with the homo sapiens > they are > on the side of the creator of this universe
not the destroyer of this world and its symbiotes !

counsil galactic central